Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Look for the New Year

If you've managed to stop by Local Roots lately to look in the windows, chances are you've seen a lot of activity. Since just after Christmas, our hard-working volunteers have given the market a whole new look:

In late December, volunteers pulled up the carpet in the meeting room and the main market retail space.

Once the carpet came up, volunteers scraped up any glue that remained, and a crew came in to grind the floor down to a beautiful dusky red concrete (not seen here) before refinishing.

After knocking down a wall to install new electrical wiring for our new coolers and freezer, volunteers replaced it with fresh drywall and laid a couple new coats of paint on the walls. We've also had a couple of experienced carpenters come in to build a coffee bar (seen in progress here).

The plumbers came in to install new plumbing for our commercial sinks. (Don't worry, this hole in the floor has been filled in, and the bathroom is functional once more!)

There's more work to be done this week, though, from finishing the construction of our coffee bar and checkout counters to catching all the little finishing details required by the county health department for inspection. If you're available and interested in helping, contact roots (AT) localrootswooster (DOT) com and let us know when you can come in to do your part!

And a very BIG thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who have made this all possible!

Photos courtesy of John Anderson, Local Roots steering committee member.

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