Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day at the Market

If you took a look outside this morning, you probably saw an awful lot of white and not much else. Hardly the sort of day you'd want to venture out and visit the market, right?

Well, believe it or not, Local Roots was open today!

The intrepid (and local) few made it in to open up the market early and to clear a path to the door so that shoppers might know we were a safe haven at the end of the snowstorm. Things were pretty quiet during the morning -- there was still a Level 2 snow emergency for county roads -- but by afternoon a few people made it in to stock up on local food and to pick up their first online orders.

Some producers had brought in their items on Friday, so the shoppers who made it through the snow were still available to find good fresh produce, fresh bread, and the usual array of meats, dairy, and cheeses (with new cheeses available).

Thanks to those who made it in to help run the market -- and to those who came in to buy! For those who were unable to get to the market for their online orders, we'll have a special pick up time for you on Monday; stay tuned for details.

Yes, we'll work on a better snow day policy and notification system for the market since we don't want people to risk their lives to come in.

And if you can, enjoy the snow while it lasts!


  1. little addition: the cafe is open too and there will be micro-roasted, fresh brewed coffee every week.